EL Vergel Veggie Restaurant

Carrer Major, 13, 43003 Tarragona

I went to this restaurant on a date with my now husband. I had actually been to Tarragona two years before on a day tour and was surprised to be there again.

This restaurant was one of the first upscale vegan dining experiences I had ever had and I will always remember that first meal and the first glimmers of new love that would prove to be a get married and share a life love. We don’t always get to choose where or when our special moments occur, I’m so thankful, that this place and medevial city with all its cobblestone beauty, is just an hour’s drive from my home.

We havenow spent quite a few birthdays, anniversaries and holidays at this delightful eatery and it’s nice that this special place has layers of happy memories. And what a place to build those life memories. This resto has beautiful fresh decor, excellent service and incredible food.

I believe it has an extensive organic wine list and I know for a fact their desserts are out of this world. Whether you have one of their daily desserts as part of a pre-set menu or call ahead and order a cake, you will be impressed.


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