Jardim das Cerejas, Lisbon

Calçada do Sacramento 36, 1200-394 Lisboa, Portugal

I think I always tell the same story when mentioning this restaurant. My husband and I had been walking up and down Lisbon’s steep, hilled streets when we decided to go into this place to check our phones for directions. It was hot and we were in need of water and of course, coffee. When we entered it was quiet and the waiter promptly motioned to a table and said, “two for the buffet?”. We declined but sat down and ordered drinks. The waiter looked confused and asked us one more time if we wanted to try the buffet, again we declined.

However, we did go back the next day and the food was amazing. We now understood his confusion as this place is very popular for it’s buffet and most people wouldn’t never venture in without enjoying the day’s offerings.. The selection, flavours and price were too good to be true. The desserts were so tasty and I actually asked to be sure they were vegan. Definitely a great place to visit after a long morning or day hiking up and down those legendary Lisbon hills.

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