Mantras Veggie Cafe

200 metros Este, 25 metros Sur de la Rotonda del Farolito Bariio Escalante, San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica was always one of those places I wanted to go but thought I should really go to a Yoga retreat or take a surf course, which I never seemed to have the right moment to do. So, it was kind of last minute that I ended up going. I found a cheap flight, great accommodations and I did visit two yoga studios for classes. Not quite a retreat but both were fantastic and meaningful experiences.

I went to Mantras for lunch with a fellow traveler I connected with through a vegan facebook group. We were both in San Jose and spent the day, walking and talking, taking videos and photos and of course trying the food.

The restaurant was very nice and spacious with front and back patios. There were tongs of options and had I been staying longer I would have gone back a few times. The price was reasonable and the portions large. I had the nacho bowl, which was amazing as it’s tough to find vegan nachos.

Furthermore, Mantras carries an array of essential oils and bath and beauty products. Before you buy shampoo or conditioner from the grocery or drugstore – go by Mantras first. I purchased a peppermint shampoo that smelled amazing and made my hair soft and shiny. The products at Mantras were from a local Costa Rican company and were less expensive then the drugstore imports.


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