Top 10 Restaurants 2020

I have traveled quite a bit and have eaten at many vegan, vegetarian, and vegetarian optional establishments. There are so many ways to judge a restaurant; food, environment, service, price, creativity, and even philosophy-cause. However, many favorite restaurants are actually favorites because of the event, memories or unexpected/life changing experience we might have had there.

A dodgy tapas bar may be where you randomly met a kindred spirit and decided to travel together. An over priced bistro your friend made you go to where you begrudgingly ordered a pricey dish only to experience the most innovative and creative blend of flavors you never knew existed. An highly recommended place that didn’t disappoint or an accidental discovering that you think back on from time to time.

In no particular order, these are my favorites…so far.

  1. El Vergel Veggie Restaurant, Tarragona
  2. Le Tricycle, Paris
  3. King’s cafe, Toronto
  4. Jardim das Cerejas, Lisbon
  5. Panaderia Los Abuelos, Corralejo, Fuerteventura
  6. V Factor, Lanzarote
  7. Vege Bistro – Polish Vegan Food, Warsaw
  8. Avocado, Athens
  9. Ops!, Rome
  10. Mantras Veggie Cafe, San Jose, Costa Rica
  11. Special mention – Arvoleda, Santiago, Chile

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