Online Yoga

Boho Beautiful

By Far my favourite online yoga resource is Boho Beautiful. If you haven’t heard of them, they have a Youtube Channel, Patreon, and soon an App delivering an excellent selection of yoga classes. Whether you are looking for a quick 15 or 30 minutes, or have time for an hour, they have a variety of styles and levels of difficulty. But, what’s more they travel all over the world creating their classes in some of the most beautiful places. Beaches, on top of mountains, elephant sanctuaries or near grazing goats and cattle, the scenery is almost as important as the poses themselves. As well, the yoga instructor, Juiliana and her Videographer husband Mark, are vegan into sustainable living and the kinds of people you would love to meet on vacation or be sat next to at a dinner party. So interesting and inspiring as they continue to create this amazing yoga and wellness business.

The Journey Junkie

Another great youtube channel, this site specializes in Kundalini yoga. From full classes to focus on certian poses and meditations, this site is my go to for chakra clearing.


This site has many excellent videos for kundalini asanas and meditations.

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