Tarragona, Spain

Tarragona is a wonderful place that somehow became an integral part of this Canadian’s life. I first visited in 2015 on a day trip to Tarragona and Sitges with one tour guide and one other tourist.

It was an interesting trip and as there were only three of us, the guide told us so much about life in Catalonia, Spain, and even his family. Easily one of the best tours I have ever attended, and so strange that years later I would end up living in the Barcelona region and visiting Tarragona regularly.

Tarragona city is a seaside, ancient roman city in the Tarragona province of Catalonia. Only 70 minutes (99.5km) from Placa Catalunya, it’s a popular tourist destination and a holiday favorite for locals from Barcelona and other parts of Spain.

If you love history, architecture, sunny days on the beach, and a great food and wine scene, Tarragona is the place for you. There is a medieval city (surrounded by high walls within the larger city), that is home to many locals as well as holiday flats, shops, restaurants, and historical landmarks.

Aside from the many ruins, sites, museums, and art galleries, Tarragona is also home to the Castells, or Human tower competitions and training programs. This sport is as unusual as it is inspiring to encounter.

We have had the chance to watch some informal events and it was amazing if not baffling to see little kids wearing helmets climb up and over teammates to the top of the tower.

Tarragona is one of our favorite day trip destinations. We usually go, walk around, do some shopping and eat at one of our favorite restaurants.

However, there is so much to see and do that you could easily spend a week in this area. With its ancient roman history, the city is breathtaking, clean, and full of culture and seaside life.

Click on the Red points below to see some restaurants, museums, art galleries, and sites.

CReeA Vegan Restaurant Via de l’Imperi RomΓ , 15 Is located in the medieval city area across from a lovely park with a children’s playground. This place is charming inside and out with a bohemian chic style. The food is fully vegan, with a mix of raw, classic Catalonian, and creative new recipes.

Tortillas, vegan cheese platters, curries, faux meats, raw cakes, and baked goods, this restaurant will not disappoint. They also have a popular vegan cheese fondue that I’m excited to try on a cold winter day after an afternoon of site-seeing and museum hopping.

Tiramisu Carrer de Sant FructuΓ³s, 3 Is a cute little place right off a busy plaza with loads of restaurants and bars. If you are in the mood for a vegan or regular ice cream, this is the place. I tried dark chocolate and coconut vegan gelato. So tasty and perfect for a hot day.

El Vergel Veggie Restaurant Carrer Major 13 Although the prices are reasonable, El Vergel is so beautifully designed and decorated with exquisite food giving it a more upscale dining feel.

Aside from a la carte and daily three-course menus, El Vergel also makes delicious cakes to add to your special occasion or take home with you.

The space is upstairs, overlooking the street, with quite a bit of seating in the front and back. We have always been lucky enough to sit by the window and indulge in a little people-watching between courses.

Carrer Major 15, This shop is right beside El Vergel. They have everything. So many styles of ceramics and wooden bowls as well as gourmet food, toys, baskets, bags, soaps, and decorative arts.

One could easily spend hours here and spend a lot of money although the products are reasonably priced. If you’re looking for memories of Spain or gifts for friends and family, this shop is worth a visit. I buy kitchenware such as bowls, plates, and serving platters here whenever I can.

Tarragona is definitely a favorite with many great places to visit. There are also towns and small cities nearby that are also home to many museums, sites, restaurants, and shops. For example, there is a small city called Reus nearby that is home to a Gaudi museum and many architectural gems.

Whether you are looking for a great day trip or a new destination for a week, Tarragona, its beaches, and nearby cities will keep you entertained and well-fed for as long as your holiday times allow.

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