Seville is definitely an incredible city with endless streets and pathways weaving and winding into each other. This city is what I believe people imagine when they think of Spain – hot, colorful, and full of life.

The people in Seville are very chatty and kind, with many speaking English in the tourist areas. The architecture, weather, and lifestyle are unique with old time flair and sophistication.

I was happy to see little cafes on triangular corners or in plazas with people drinking their morning coffees and eating pan con tomate (bread with tomato). This is the quintessential Spanish breakfast (often with cured ham and a tortilla) yet I really don’t see many eating it in Barcelona.

At night, the restaurants and cafe patios were filled with locals and travelers alike eating, drinking and catching up with friends.

Whether you travel to Seville with family, a large group of friends or solo, you are sure to have a tremendously good time.

There is a vibe that is inclusive, warm, and friendly. I walked around the city with my family, another time with my toddler and finally alone. Each venture out was easy going, inspiring, and manageable with my basic level of Spanish.

I have visited Seville twice. The first time I stayed in the old town a short walk from Alcazar and the gardens. This last time we stayed in the Macarena area. Both are within a short walking distance of great restaurants, shopping, and the main tourist sites.

A trip to Seville for most would include visiting Alcazar, the old town, many cathedrals, and Plaza de Espana. After that, there are many ways to enjoy Seville. The food is excellent as is the cafe culture. There is also a large shopping area to pick up a variety of souvenirs and shop at big brand stores.

Seville is also known for it’s beautiful ceramic tiles, and housewares. If you think you can get them home safely, be sure to buy some of the lovely bowls, platters and tableware. Otherwise, a beautifully decorated fan might be just the gift to bring home to friends or for hot sunny days where you live.

So, I have to admit that I had every intention of visiting as many vegan or vegetarian restaurants as I possibly could in Seville. However, we were only visiting for three days and due to the virus many places were not open or had amended hours.

I did manage to eat at Habanitas, Veganitessan, Arte y Arbor, and grab a smoothie at Milk Way. We will be back during the winter holidays and I hope to eat at Verdetariano, El Enano Verde, and Thank you mother.

Although Seville does not have many vegan restaurants, they have many ominvore places with extensive vegan restaurants. Habanitas and Arte y Arbor are for every diet but they have many interesting and tasty vegan options.

Veganitessan c/Pastor y Landero, 0 S/N (at Mercado del Arenal) What a fun and wonferful establishment. Located inside a market selling everything from fish, flowers to bike rentals, this restaurant has everything from pizzas, burgers, wraps, hotdogs to nachos. As well, they have delicious desserts including chocolate cakes, Neopolitanos, and croissants. You can choose to indulge or try their bean burgers on multigrain buns with fresh side salads and home cooked potato wedges.

We ordered two types of burgers, a pizza, and some baked goods, but I’m pretty sure I could eat here on every visit to Seville and never be bored. I will definitely try the nachos next time.

Habanitas Callejon Golfo, 3, 41004 This is one of my favorite restaurants. Tucked at the bottom of a small side street, it has ample indoor and outdoor seating. On the day we went, we arrived early before they were due to open but they kindly sat us and took our order right away.

This may not seem like a big deal especially during the pandemic, but the night before we waited outside another restaurant that opened 40 minutes late and then ignored us and our screeching toddler until we left.

Habanitas has an extensive vegan menu and the option for half and full size orders. This is useful as there are so many great options on the menu and you will want to try at least 5 between 2-4 people.

Meals are also served with bread and olives marinaded in spices. I believe they serve a variety of beers and wines but for those of us that don’t drink, they have alcohol free beers along with the usual beverage options.

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