Canary Islands – Fuerteventura

After our successful visit to Lanzarote, My husband and I were excited to see all of the Canary Islands. For our next trip, we chose Fuerteventura as there was a nice selection of vegan/vegetarian restaurants and beautiful white sand beaches. Our little guy was a year old and we wanted his first trip on an airplane to be short 2-3 hours and the destination to be somewhere very different from home. Although, we are only an hours drive from the beach, we do live in a landlocked area. Many swimming pools, the odd creak or stream but no lakes or large bodies of water.

We stayed in the Corralejo area and I wouldn’t hesitate to stay in the same place again. If we go back, we will try to see more and visit the island of Lobos as well. I can see why many people choose to retire to the Canary Islands. Whether you are into extreme sports and fitness or enjoy frequenting bars and restaurants, there is much to see and do. If you felt like you needed a break, you could easily hop over by ferry or plane to one of the other islands for a few days.

Our vacation in Fuerteventura was eight days and to be honest it was a good trip but with a small child, we probably would have been happy with a five day holiday. In the future, when our son is older, this island would be a great place to spend weeks or months. However, our plans of spending our days at the beach were cut short when our little guy was bitten by a spider on the second day. The medication he needed made him more sensitive to the sun so, aside from 30 minutes here or there, in the late afternoon or evening, we barely saw the beach. However, those tasty vegan/vegetarian restaurants I mentioned, saved our vacations as we visited some of them almost daily.

Things to do:

Shopping. I’m not sure about the rest of the island, but in Correlejo, there we were surrounded by quality shopping areas. In addition to souvenir and artisan shops, there were many big name brands available in three distinctive shopping locations.

As well, my husband discovered Gofio. We went to a supermarket and found an aisle with many brands and types of Gofio. We stocked up on some for the week and quite a bit to take home. Gofio is a roasted grain flour originating from the Canarian islands and featuring quite prominently in their traditional cooking. The roasting process is what makes it different than a regular flour and you can find it made from wheat, oats, corn, chickpeas or a combination thereof. I am personally obsessed with the corn gofio as I find it makes really delicious muffins and pie crusts.

Restaurants and Bars. Mingled in with the shops and services

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