Cuba – Havana, Veradero, Cayo Coco, Trinidad, Cienfuegos

Fascinating Cuba

Cuba is without a doubt one of my favorite places on this planet. It’s a popular destination for many Canadians from Ontario and Quebec due to the short flights, inexpensive vacation packages, and fascinating history and culture. As well, and most importantly, it is safe. It is very common to see men and women of all ages vacationing alone in Cuba without any worry as long as you travel within common sense. After visiting Cuba two times with a co-traveler, I was eager to go alone. The best decision I ever made. I traveled to Cuba three times alone and later with my husband on our honeymoon. Those three times were transformative as my trips felt like going to the cottage or a family beach house alone. Except this cottage or summer house was filled with dancing, the caribbean, the distinct smell of fresh bread and strangely aromatic – road tar.

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