Girona, Spain

Not the most attractive photo but in 2015 I visited Barcelona for the first time. I had booked a two-week European vacation starting in Dublin then to Belgium, on to Barcelona, and then back to Dublin to fly home.

I didn’t think twice about Dublin or Brussels (with day trips to Ghent and Bruge) but I was really worried about Barcelona. I was afraid of the pickpockets and ending up stranded without money or a passport. But, I decided to go and had such a good time I wanted to return one day.

I took a day tour to Girona and Figueres. I didn’t know anything about either place but Salvador Dali’s artwork looked intriguing and Girona boasted many old castles and history.

But this photo above? It’s a children’s toy shop. Filled with all kinds of toys, puppets, and objects of whimsy. It looked magical to me and I thought how lucky the kids of this area or who visited were to have such an enchanted toy boutique.

I had never wanted children and didn’t think I would but thought if I did, a toy store like this is what I would want for them. A life, in a place like this, is what I would want for them. It made me happy to see a place, a vision in which I would want a family but also a peace with the reality that I was just passing through and was getting older-jaja.

So you can only imagine my joy, gratitude, and wonder at shopping at this toy store four years later with my little boy and husband. I had forgotten about this store as there are so many others like it all over the Catalonia region. But, then I passed it and went back. My mind flooded with those memories.

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