It was starting to get a little embarrassing, living in Spain and never visiting the Capital city. When I first moved here, my Spanish husband and I would take any opportunity to travel to other countries. I wanted to visit Madrid, but with limited holiday time, it always seemed to get bumped for something else.

So last summer we finally made the journey, and we had one of our best family trips ever. Partially because of Madrid and all it has to offer but also because our son was very well-behaved. We booked an Airbnb for 4 nights and took a train from Barcelona. It was a high-speed train and inspired us to take more train trips in the future. Although flights are cheap, we end up spending over 100 euros on taxis just to get to and from the airport.

As always we travel to eat, so we decided to stay in a part of town that was safe and near many vegan restaurants. We were a short walk to shopping and the Plaza del Sol. Right up the street from a local train station and many grocery stores and shops.

I have to say that whoever planned and continues to plan Madrid has done an excellent job of ensuring many parks and gardens. I don’t think I have ever visited a city that had so many green spaces. unfortunately, developers often trade parks and gardens for over building, densely populated areas that quickly become depressing.

Avocado Love Β MarquΓ©s de Santa Ana 34, Madrid, Spain

Pizzi & Dixie Calle San Vicente Ferrer 16, Madrid, Spain

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