My cravings for snow around the holiday season became unbearable. And as we had just canceled a trip to Seville, one of many trips that have been made in quiet positivity but canceled in the loud reality of the pandemic. We decided to pack up the car and go north. Thinking we had to drive as far north as possible, we picked Vielha and never looked back.

It’s definitely a winter ski town with the Baqueira-Beret ski resorts close by. Also along the Pyrenees mountain range, the resorts have an average vertical drop of over 1,000m. Sounds good to me! I liked this town. It had charm and serious vibes with ski shops and cozy hotels and restaurants.

However, it is far. Veilha is in the Lleida region of Catalonia close to the French border. Almost 5 hours by car but not too much longer by train, Vielha is a worthwhile destination but not quite as quick to get to from Barcelona. So, if you crave a visit, be sure to add an extra 4-5 days on your trip itinerary.

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