How to Create a Great Wardrobe

Dress by Who’s that girl Love it! Every wardrobe needs an autumn dress with as many orange, brown and beige tones as possible.

I recently discovered a website called Top Vintage that has proven to be a gateway to so many fantastic European brands. Every link leads to yet another page of very wearable items at reasonable prices. Or extraordinary garments that although pricey are certainly worth the money.

From time to time I have taken an interest in high fashion only to feel less than impressed by hefty price tags on garments that didn’t fit into my lifestyle. Or insane prices on a dress that I really didn’t think looked that flattering on a highly paid model so not likely to look good on me or anyone I knew for that matter.

This inspired me to ask myself these questions to assess my true needs.

What kind of wardrobe did a life like mine need, and why?

How could I create a wardrobe that would be both functional and flattering?

What do I need?

There are some days I have combed various sites and found so many dresses, shoes, boots that I want right away without hesitation. This is no easy feat as I don’t like to wear animal products, so finding myself with a full shopping cart is rare. However, what I love and want isn’t always what I need for a few reasons.

Lifestyle – Work

During the week, I wear yoga pants to drop my son off at school and go to the gym. Sweatpants and a shirt or sweater while at home working and a dress or cords to pick up my son, shop, run errands, or head to the city for afterschool activities.

Sugarhill Brighton is my go-to place for lightweight sweaters. They have a huge selection of colorful, fun sweaters in a variety of colors with different finishes. From whimsical patterns such as clouds or palm trees to colorful cuffs and shoulder stripes, to sparkles for the holiday season, these cotton sweaters are great for a casual well put together look.

Saturdays and holidays are the only times I really need to dress up. Whether it’s going for lunch, strolling in Barcelona, or going to the theatre or a museum, my only day to really shine is Saturday. Vacations especially city vacations are also a time to bring out all the dresses, especially for photo memories.

So really, when you think about it, I only need a handful of outfit options each season as I’m only getting dressed up maybe 4 times a month. And even then, it is not for some lavish party or event but a casual outing.

I am obsessed with this brand 4funkyflavours There are so many things that I want that I sometimes don’t know what to do with myself. I eyed this dress for ages before my husband bought it for me as a Christmas present.

Brown and pink are always a good idea and I haven’t seen anything like it in some time. Of course, I tried it on and the style and cut are so flattering… now I want the similar dress in green with a black collar and cuffs. I could talk about this company for days so I’ll make another post about them. Until then,check out their website!


This is a major issue for most of us living in apartments or sharing our homes with multiple family members. Even though we are lucky to have quite a bit of closet space, it’s not a lot between 3 people, one of whom has many books and toys as well as clothes and the other who has an extensive shoe collection, and many suits and dress shirts.

So, even if I wanted to fill my closet with style choices as far as the eye could see, I only have room for less than 10 dresses and skirts a season plus a dress coat, long parka, and a ski jacket in fall/winter.

I have another closet for the rest of my clothes including pants, shirts, and sweaters but it’s not endless. As well, I try to keep my closet organized so I can see my items – not crammed with things I haven’t worn in years.


I’m in my 40’s. I definitely grew up in the age of fast fashion and have had times in my life when my closets were filled with somewhat wearable items. And other times, where I lived in jeans and probably only owned one random skirt and a never worn dress.

Although I usually wore the same things and left the others to sit for years, waiting for some moment or other to come out. I’m not sure if I ever cared about trends, but with age, I definitely don’t now. I know what I like. Whether it’s a dress or the toe or heel of a boot, my style for better or worse is pretty well-defined. This is another reason to pick my items wisely. When I buy something, I am buying it to wear most likely for the next 5-10 years or more.

Quality vs. Quantity

Sometimes it’s best to have solid parameters. My lack of space, age, and home-based lifestyle have inspired me to buy pieces that I really love and are very wearable.

Instead of impulsively buying anything that seems well-priced and looks ok, I take a lot of time to decide. I don’t want a lot of clutter, or to buy clothes that will end up after a season in a landfill. I want items that will last for years and that I look forward to wearing.

There is nothing better than waking up late, putting on a favorite dress and some flip-flops, and somehow looking well put together.

Coton doux, Paris, makes the most exquisite patterned polo shirts that worn with a jean skirt do just this. Make me look, no matter how tired and sweaty I am -like I still care and made a strong effort to be even a little bit put together.


Although I would love to fill my closet with an endless array of winter coats and jackets, I live in Spain. And this year in particular is hotter than ever. On November 1st, people were still swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and lounging in the hot sun. So whether I live in a country with four distinct seasons or two – summer and winter, I have to consider my needs vs my wants.

If I do buy a few coats and a large selection of winter dresses, pants, sweaters, and skirts they will only be used for maybe four months and then spend the rest of the time in storage. So, it might make more sense to buy a few things but spend the majority of my money on summer attire with a few pieces suitable for unpredictable fall and spring.

It’s safe to say I own a lot of Circus Clothing an Irish brand that offers ethically made clothes with great patterns and styles. As well, the weight of the fabrics are ideal for the climate in Spain. Whether it’s very lightweight cotton for the endless summer or some heavier fabrics for the constantly fluctuating climate of the winter, I always find something to wear!

Let me know…

So, I have tried this strategy and have thoughtfully purchased items that I’m excited to wear this weekend or next summer. I’ll keep trying to carefully curate my wardrobe, but I swear, all it takes is an unbelievable dress, pattern, fabric, and my neatly organized closet will be a little too full once more.

Let me know if any of these tips have helped you rethink how you create your wardrobe.

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