A Perfect Afternoon in GrΓ cia, Barcelona

Spotlight on one of Barcelona’s favorite neighborhoods

La BesnΓ©ta – beautiful vegan cakes

I feel very fortunate to have many photos of beautiful meals, cakes, cookies, and vistas. We are lucky that in Spain and Europe in general, there is a rich history of beauty and craftsmanship.

An exquisite cake, car, kitchen tile, or fabric, the very best from artists and artisans, is on full display and somewhat attainable.

So, I would love to introduce you to a neighborhood that is a favorite of locals and travelers alike. Whether you are on holiday, a university student, or a working ex-pat in town for a few years, the barrio GrΓ cia will quickly become a chosen haunt.

At the top of the famed Passeig de GrΓ cia, with all its lights and fabulous high-end luxury brands, sits the eclectic, trendy area of GrΓ cia. A mix of residential and commercial buildings, tall and short, it’s the first place I have ever seen buildings that look like they have been wallpapered.

Beautiful colors with rich detail and designs like tapestries but on the fronts of buildings. Some are apartment buildings, and I imagine they are breathtaking, with ornate moldings and high ceilings.

GrΓ cia has pretty much any type of charming shop or restaurant you can imagine. Whether you are looking for a perfect gift or souvenir, you will find shops with a mix of beautifully crafted objects from Spain and other parts of Europe. I even found a whimsical handmade paper shop that carried everything from cards to sheets of gorgeous artisan-made paper.

There are also hip clothing stores for fashionable professionals or stores that carry the most gorgeous and expensive clothes for babies or little kids.

Anita Gelato – vegan chocolate with crispy wafer chunks and a wafer cookie – yum!

If you are looking to eat or have a drink, there are plenty of delicious restos and plaza dining areas to eat tapas, drink, enjoy good company, or people-watch. And if it’s gelato you’re after on a hot summer day, then GrΓ cia is your go-to place to try a handful of places. I’m not sure there is another area that can boast as many gelaterias in such close proximity to each other.

If you’re staying longer, you might just become a regular around this area as there are music schools to learn that instrument you’ve always wanted to learn, language schools, yoga studios, movie theatres, and art centers.

I’ve passed pottery, painting, and sewing studios filled with men and women unleashing their creative genius after a long work day. There also seems to be a table tennis community center that provides a more competitive option than the usual casual outdoor table tennis area.

So if you’re new to Barcelona or plan on visiting sometime soon, be sure to leave time in your busy schedule to stroll the streets and lanes of GrΓ cia, and indulge in all that it has to offer.

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