Circus Clothing

My Favorite Irish Clothing Brand

I feel like I’m always writing or thinking about this brand. It has a special place in my heart as it was the first brand I randomly found online while living in Spain. The designs are flattering and the fabrics are perfect for life in Spain. Lightweight cottons in the summer and heavier cottons in the short winter months.

I love my Circus clothing dresses, sweaters, and skirts and feel like I will wear them for years to come due to their timeless nature.

Although Circus is an Irish brand designed I’m sure with their local customer in mind, for me it’s a must in the hot months of Spain. This brand makes the everyday garment. Whether shopping, going to lunch or working, it’s usually a Circus dress I reach for.

I do have quite a few dresses from different brands but they are not as easy to wear. One is too bold, another too long, another too fitted for longs hours – Circus dresses and skirts just seem to fit comfortably and are appropriate for most of my daily tasks.

I usually order my Circus items on their website or their sister site, ilovecarousel, but they also sell on a variety of other sites like Top Vintage.

Circus Clothing does a lot of work to make their clothes and manufacturing process environmentally sustainable. They also have a buy back program where you can send in your old but still wearable garments for resale.

In exchange you get credit towards your next purchase. This would be a great program for me as I buy from Circus often but I don’t think I could part with any of my beautiful Circus things!

Check out the video below to hear more about my Circus Clothing garments and shopping experience.

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