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I love the ukulele and have been playing and traveling with one or another for years. At this point, I have seven and like most ukulele enthusiasts always on the lookout for more. Although I have some sopranos, my favorite ukulele size is a tenor. Bigger than a soprano or concert but still small enough to be easily portable and maintain that wonderful magical sound.

After taking lessons and even joining a Ukulele orchestra in Canada, I found myself struggling to find anyone to play with in Barcelona. Although there is a good club, I don’t speak Catalan or Spanish well which made it difficult to connect with other members. Then the pandemic happened, and I was able to join in long distance with a ukulele jam in Canada and later did my Level One teacher certification through the JHUI ukulele program.

My dream is to be part of a Ukulele Orchestra and attend regular ukulele meetings again, but for now, it’s not possible. So, I try to connect to other players long distance, and I use my various online resources to practice alone.

Follow along here where I will share my favorite resources, music and clubs, and anything else I can think of.

Some of the topics I will cover:

How to buy a Ukulele – which size and price is right for you.

My Ukulele Toolbox! My favorite online resources.

Making time to play and practice – how often and how much?

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