Vegan Cheese

Years ago in 2014, I became vegetarian and later vegan for the second time in my life. Although, I had no problem giving up meat or eggs, I did wonder how I would live without cheese. I loved cheese and the many delicious dishes that needed cheese to make them happen.

However, I no longer wanted to be part of the cycle of animal product consumption, so I decided I would just have to find something else.

I did try a few vegan cheeses but at that time they seemed to be made with coconut oil or soy and didn’t seem healthy or taste very good.

Until one day I discovered nut based cheese

Almond, cashew, walnut, mixed with other ingredients or 100 percent pure, these tasty delicacies changed my life and my excitement for what was possible.

As much as I love vegan versions of mac and cheese, cheese burgers, fondue, pizza, or anything else cheese related; nothing beats a cheese board with an exquisite selection of vegan cheeses, fresh bread, olives, spreads, and vegan chorizo.

No matter how spoiled I have been in some of the finest and most innovative vegan restaurants in many countries; nothing sends my happiness vibes soaring like a newly discovered vegan cheese and the sheer joy of consuming, instagramming, talking or blogging about it.

One day, I would love to team up with a coffee or wine expert and host vegan cheese parties or offer a vegan cheese experience as some kind of tour. But for now, I will be content with the search, discovery, indulgence and promotion of as many vegan cheeses in as many countries as I can.

Please check this space for my latest discoveries or vegan cheese inspired meal ideas.

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