Portaventura – Where to Stay and Eat!

Are you planning a trip to PortAventura? Or maybe this is the first you’ve heard of the exciting destination that will have you smiling and wondering when you can return?

Well, we have now visited twice and we love it. Along with my dreams of being a fabulous tour guide in my later years, I also wouldn’t mind working at PortAventura, greeting guests, and just generally being part of this fun environment.

And having visited some other theme parks, PortAventura employs the friendliest most helpful staff many of whom speak multiple languages including English.

Colorado Creek Hotel

This is a great hotel. Very new and clean with everything you would want from a large cabin in Colorado feel. We stayed here for one night and were very comfortable. We had breakfast in the main dining hall and were very happy with the options.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or eat meat, the breakfast buffet has everything. The great thing about Spain is that the Mediterranean diet is prevalent everywhere. Alternative milks like soy, almond, or oat, olive oils, tomato spread for pan con tomate, nuts, fruit and vegetables, beans and hummus. It’s impossible to be left empty-handed no matter how strict your dietary needs might be.

We would gladly stay at this hotel again any time of year but I imagine it’s a sparkly masterpiece during the Winter holiday, Christmas season.

Gorgeous new dining area and look at all the delicious sweets, pastries, and bread items!

Gold River Hotel

Gold River main hotel. This hotel is quite tall and has amazing views of the surrounding area. The main lobby boasts sky high ceilings and plenty of lounge chairs and tables. The dining room is just off the lobby and is very spacious with many delicious offerings.

I was so curious about this hotel as one needs to walk by it on the way to the guest’s park entrance. It’s a collection of buildings with one multi story hotel and a series of two story hotels fashioned to look like an old timey western town. So naturally, when we returned to Portaventura we picked this hotel.

Luckily we got to stay in one of the western buildings. Although still very nice and clean, it was definitely a few years old. The style was less slick than Colorado Creek but it had a shabby chic, country feel with quilts and lace finishes.

Our room was larger than the room at Colorado Creek with a kitchen area and table. The room was also divided by a large wardrobe that provided ample storage. This room could easily fit a family of four with a double bed and a trundle bed, so two sleeping spots.

Again we had breakfast at the buffet and it was just as delicious and vast as Colorado Creek, but the dining hall had a southern country garden decor.

Unlike Colorado Creek which is a short walk away, Gold River and its many buildings take up the main walking area peppered with restaurants and cafes, and a huge swimming pool. The buildings take you all the way to the ramp that leads along a wooden walkway towards the hotel guest park entrance.

The large swimming pool at Gold River. There are two levels with plenty of reclining chairs. As well, there is a bar serving lunch items and drinks right beside the pool.

I mention this as you can only access the park from this entrance if you are staying at the hotel. Which is great because if you love rides and don’t like lineups, get to the gate as soon as it opens and run or walk briskly to your favourite rides.

If you are really serious about enjoying your time at PortAventura and want to make the most of your stay, you should consider at least one night at a park hotel.

This way you can experience the park in the evening or night and first thing in the morning. As well, PortAventura is near the small city of Salou and its vast golden sand beaches as well as quite a few great restaurants with vegan and vegetarian options.

I love the decor! Whatever design team created and sourced all the furniture and furbishings must have had so much fun. From the bed quilts to the prints of flowers framed on the walls to the different sized mirrors, the details are wonderful.

Hotel Callaghan’s

The Hotel Callaghan’s is part of Gold River but offers a more luxurious experience for a little more in price. I would definitely try this hotel at some point as the price is only slightly higher and having stayed next door, I can confirm it looks like a very charming quiet accommodation.

Hotel MansiΓ³n de Lucy

Hotel Lucy is located along the path between Colorado Creek and Gold River. It looks like a splendid hotel but it is by far the most expensive hotel in the PortAventura hotel portfolio. There must be some perks beyond the beautiful decor and it might make a really nice gift for a special anniversary.

There are more hotels at Portaventura and others nearby that offer discounts and specials for patrons visiting the park. Although all the hotels look great and offer different price points and amenities to suit every budget, I woul like to stay at Hotel PortAventura as it also has direct park access.

The other hotels like El Paso and Caribe look great and have some epic swimming pools with a beach or pirate ship so maybe one day we will try there too.

We are thinking of spending three nights at PortAventura this summer. I’m hoping we will do one night at Hotel PortAventura and two nights at one of our favorites – I’m all about the direct park access!

Check out this link Portaventura Hotels to find out more about the accommodation selection in or near the theme park.

Where to Eat!

Depending on how long you are staying and your groups needs or wants, you could happily stay at the park and dine at the hotels or park restaurants. Also, some wonderful restaurants and cafes in nearby Salou are sure to please everyone in your party.

Bora Bora Restaurant

Aside from the hotel dining rooms where you can eat breakfast and dinner, there are cafes and restaurants in every section of the PortAventura theme park. And amazingly, almost every place has vegan and vegetarian options.

Iron Horse Restaurant

Whether it’s a large all-you-can-eat buffet in China, the Tex Mex self-serve in Mexico, 3-course menu in Tahiti, or a la carte in one of the cafes, you will not go hungry!

Check out this link Portaventura Restaurants but be aware that only some of the restaurants are list vegetarian options although I’m pretty sure all of them have something.

As well, I have eaten at La Cantina, which is not on the list, and I can personally confirm they had a tasty selection of vegan and vegetarian items.

Although some places are better than others – even the small snack stops and cafes have something for everyone.

I can’t even believe I get to write these words as most vegan and vegetarians know how long its taken to get some decent food in public places like theme parks.

La Cantina Restaurant

A tex mex style self-serve restaurant with nice vegan and vegetarian options. I haven’t had a Mexican rice and bean tortilla bowl in over a decade and this one was worth the wait!

Vegan meatballs with potatoes, vegan bolognese with penne pasta and vegetarian cheesy nachos. We ate well here! As well they had a show. It’s been so long since I was at a resort with a dinner time or night show and this was so fun.

My little boy chewed casually as he kneeled on his chair watching the dancers, singers and gymnasts! There are some really talented performers at Portaventura.

Although there was a line up to get in, it moved very fast and we were eating in no time. The dining area is a huge seemingly outdoor area with long tables. Although it was busy we had no trouble finding a nice spot for three.

Salou, Tarragona, Spain

Just a short 7 minute drive away is the beach side, tourist town of Salou. If you don’t feel like staying at Portaventura and want more options to lay on the beach, rent a pedal boat with a slide or snorkel away your afternoons, Salou has everything you need.

Pedal boats with slide – I can’t wait to try this!

From budget hotels to Airbnb’s, endless beach shops selling sand toys and beach towels, this town was made for the beach vacation. As well, they have a lot of great restaurants.

We have only visited two but give us time and we”ll try any and all who offer vegan and vegetarian options. In the meantime, check out Happy Cow,Salou for a list of veg friendly dining options.

NAIOH  – CafΓ© & Brunch

Thai Salou

I should have taken more photos but we were too busy eating! This restaurant is definitely one of my husband’s favourites.

Well, I hope this helps you dream and plan your next PortAventura, Salou area vacation. We keep thinking we are Costa Brava area (coastline north of Barcelona) people with its upscale dining and love of the finer things in life but it seems we are Costa Dorada (coastline south of Barcelona) area people.

We like luxury and great food but nothing beats a nice family-oriented hotel and the thrill of a fun theme park and some soft golden sand beaches nearby. If you’re thinking of visiting PortAventura and the area nearby, let me know! I’d love to hear about your experiences. Or if you have any questions, comment below!

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