Well Done Day Trips

Long distance, week, month, or year-long trips are exciting, but much can be said for the polite, unassuming, charming day trip. These are trips that are created either by careful planning or a “wake up and let’s go anywhere vibe.”

Whether you are taking a two-week trip and peppering your resort stay with one or two-day excursions, or you are taking an hour’s drive adventure from home. The day trip is a true gem of short-term, straight-to-the-point, new experience.

In no particular order, when I can, I will add my favorite day trips new and old to this page. I’m purposely going to mix it up between old and new as it’s happy to relive nice days from the past.

Featured Favorites

Barcelona Holiday Time, Spain

Vic, Spain

Pals/Begur, Spain

Tarragona, Spain

La Roca Village/Granollers, Spain

Olot, Spain

Figueres, Spain

Girona, Spain

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