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Barcelona’s best kept secret

Grand Canyon Rapids

Are you planning a holiday in the Barcelona area? Did you know that although Barcelona is known for its food, beaches, art, and culture, we also have one of the best theme parks in the world?

Excellent accommodation veg-friendly food options – Check out my Where to Stay and Eat post, live performances, seasonal events, attractions suitable for every age and adventure level, a water park, Ferrari land and a new rollercoaster or other attraction every year. Not to mention a super fun midway area where you can practice your skills at various games to win prizes.

I knew I loved my Western themed summer camp but I never realized how much I loved theme parks as I really never went to any. However, when I had my son, I expected to make a theme park appearance here and there.

I had no I idea that I would be the one pushing for, planning and pining away the days until our next Amusement park visit. I can’t get enough and I don’t even do rollercoasters…yet….

PortAventura is organized into areas including Polynesia, China, Mexico,MediterrΓ nia, Far West and SΓ©samoAventura for little kids.

Some of the rides have height requirements or require that an adult accompany a small child but there are so many attractions available that it usually takes a few visits to try them all. We have been to PortAventura twice and even without stepping foot on a rollercoaster, there are still so many rides we haven’t tried!

If you have little kids head straight for the SΓ©samoAventura area and after try the Área Infantil in China. However, there are rides and attractions for little ones peppered all over the park – but you have to start somewhere!

Top Rides for Little Kids

  • Tami Tami Rollercoaster – So fun! The only rollercoaster I will try!
  • Coco Piloto – Little airplanes that take you on a happy scenic view of the SΓ©samoAventura area.
  • El Huerto Encantado – Children’s play jungle gym and slide area.
  • Mariposas Saltarinas – Get ready to pedal to go higher! Great ride and leg workout!
  • Los Potrillos – Take a ride on mechanical horseback through a dusty town in Mexico.
  • Canoes – So fun. Just a quiet ride for a little one and great chance for parents to take photo memories.
  • Área Infantil China – There are a few rides in this area along with a jungle gym area.

If you are a larger human the park is your vegan oyster! My advice is to make a list of whatever ride you absolutely have to try and go there as soon as possible. If the park is not too busy then just go by area. You can walk everywhere or catch a train that stops in various spots throughout the park.

China area – home to the Tea Cups, Angkor, and a whole lot of rollercoasters!

Angkor Ride – So fun!

PortAventura offers express passes if you are short on time and the nerves that waiting in lines often require. Check out this link to see which pass is right for you. Express Passes

These are my picks for the must see or experience rides and attractions at PortAventura!

Angkor Ride – Get ready to get Soaked!

Top Rides for Everyone – according to me

  • Tea Cups – I love a good tea cup ride anywhere, anytime!
  • Tutuki Splash – This ride cracks me up. Whether you are on it or soaking patrons with water pistols – it’s a blast!
  • Grand Canyon Rapids – This is fun! Again, on the ride or soaking people with water pistols from the path above -it’s a family favourite!
  • Kontiki – Your typical swinging boat ride made even better the louder you “Whoa and Whaaa!”
  • Angkor- Make sure your phone is secured safely in your bag, and you’re ready to soak some strangers on neighboring boats and get soaked yourself!
  • Port De La Drassana – Just a nice quiet boat trip.

For a complete list of Rides, height requirements and descriptions check out this link. PortAventura Attractions

  • Shows and Performances! Fireworks, cultural performances, kids, and dinner shows! PortAventura has it all. Check the link above as well; there are schedules posted near each performance stage and area.
Tutuki Splash

Top Rollercoasters – According to the screams of joy and terror!

  • Furius Baco
  • Shambhala
  • Dragon Khan
  • Hurakan Condor – I can’t even look at the photos of this ride without getting upset.
  • El Diablo Tren De La Mina
  • Stampida
  • Tomahawk

By day or night the Hurakan Condor makes me want to yell at people!

Far West area – Lots or shops, restaurants, rides, a carousel and the midway with all those fun games!

So although I like to consider myself a bit of a pro at the art of enjoying PortAventura, there is still so much I don’t know.

We haven’t visited Ferrari Land or Caribe Water Park. As well, I want to spend a good amount of time in the Far West games midway trying my hand at winning a stuff animal.

I’d also like to watch the fireworks and see more shows!

And this might just be the summer I try a roller coaster – nothing fancy or too dangerous, but I’ll be sure to update my adventures here!

Are you planing to visit PortAventura? Do you have any questions? Comment below!

MediterrΓ nia area – lots of shops and restaurants

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