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June Jubilation! I’ll be by the sea, strumming on my ukulele!

What am I doing? – Weekly Updates 5/30/2023!

Summer Body Wash!

June is here!

I’m excited but in disbelief, because it means the school year is almost over! I can’t believe how fast my little boy is growing up.

The end of school also means it’s time to put together some teacher’s gifts! What do we give the people who help raise and teach our children? I have some good ideas!

After a slightly confusing spring with a bit of a drought, we are finally getting buckets of rain! I’m enjoying the wonderful aromas of Jasmine wafting through the air and, of course, the trees, grass, and flowers finally flourishing.

June has me trying to save money, but having a tough time as there are so many great sales happening, and so many summertime things we need! Bathing suits, shorts, polos, summer dresses and sandals, plus our beach kit! Trying to find the ultimate beach umbrellas, cooler, and chairs for our beach excursions – it’s not easy!

As well, I am working away on my ukulele repetoire. I want to have a selection of songs memorized for our beach holiday! I promise to finally write some posts about all things ukulele!

Speaking of beach holidays, I want to tell you about my experience creating the perfect Mediterranean Sea beach holiday. It was tougher than we thought it would be but we managed.

And of course, for those of you visiting the Barcelona region, I need to tell you about the many places and sites outside of the busy metropolis that you have to see -if you have an extra day or two!

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Hello, I’m Joanne. A Canadian living in the Barcelona area with my family. I am a long-time traveler and lover of all things plant-based and wellness living. To learn more about me, click here.

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I’m obsessed with finding great brands and items for my family and my ever-expanding wardrobe. Vegan footwear or bags, beautiful dresses, shirts or accessories, I’m always discovering new brands that add some style and pizzazz to our every day.

Well Done Barcelona

Are you visiting Barcelona for the first time and want to see beyond the city? Perhaps you’ve visited often for business or tech conferences?

There are many beautiful cities, towns, and villages outside the Barcelona city center. Rent a car, take a train or book one of the many bus tours to enjoy outdoor adventures, wander through old castles, or spend some time on the shores of the Mediterranean sea.

Eat Well Recommendations

Great restaurant memories and favorite places I frequent regularly. Although there are so many fantastic restaurants, cafes, and bakeries, here are some of the greats!

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