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I am forever a work in progress in designing and redesigning how I move through this life.

Finally finding a skincare line that improves my skin, discovering a small fashion company that makes the most luxurious shirts, or learning that one of my go-to sports and leisure online retailers is having a huge sale, and I want everything.

These are some of the gems I have found and regularly purchase as I try to make my life and family comfortable, stylish and inspired.

I definitely have some preferred brands and retailers many of which are plant-based and/or ethically made or sourced. I love artisan products and small companies. I love unique often handmade or small batch items and the process with which they are dreamed up and created.

I never considered myself a foodie, yet I love food and enjoy taking pictures and encouraging others to try it.

Just like, I never considered myself a lover of fabric or design yet, I regularly yell with joy and have to take a moment to compose myself when I happen upon a particularly “sick” ski jacket or stare longingly at some fabric that needs to be made into a skirt, lampshade or pillowcase.

My husband understands as he’s thoughtfully cultivated the most innovative shoe and sneaker collection, and my son is right there with me. Since he was a baby, he would light up when given a soft, cozy blanket and now takes great pride in matching sneakers to bowties and combining edgy prints with bold patterns.

Holidays, gifts, wellness, beauty, sports or fitness, activities or services, I’ll continue to search for gems as my life and needs evolve, and I’ll try and share my treasured finds here.

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