Well Liked Gifts, Goods & Services

Finally finding a skincare line that improves my skin, discovering a small fashion company that makes the most luxurious shirts, or learning that one of my go-to sports and leisure online retailers is having a huge sale, and I want everything!

These are some of the gems I have found and regularly purchase as I try to make my life and family comfortable, stylish and inspired.

Holidays, gifts, wellness, beauty, sports or fitness, activities or services, I’ll continue to search for gems as my life and needs evolve, and I’ll try and share my treasured finds here.

Sun.day Candles for any day actually…

Gifts for Everyone on My List…and Maybe a Few for Me?

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

The Ultimate Beach Life Kit!

End of School Gift Ideas!

Face Theory

Summer Body Wash!

Sunscreens and Bug Spray!

Gift Ideas for the teachers, tutors, coaches,

and caregivers in your life!

Cozy Christmas! Gift Ideas to stay warm

and relaxed this holiday season!

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