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There are many wonderful restaurants all over the world and many sites, blogs, and apps to help you find them. From what I see on apps like Happy Cow, there are many of us who travel to eat and eat to travel. Especially as we are vegan and vegetarian, dining at veg restaurants is a way of supporting the cause as much as enjoying a delicious meal.

Travel eating is a great way to ensure you will not end up in a destination with only fries and whatever energy bars you brought from home. As well, many of the veg-friendly establishments depend on traveling veg foodies to sustain their businesses, as local traffic would not be enough. 

It’s very common in many European countries for omnivores to eat at vegan or vegetarian restaurants from time to time. Instead of choosing a meal based on geography, like Thai or Indian food, they choose a veg place instead. 

However, on other continents, this is not the case. There is a distinct and clear line between veg and omnivores, and the crossover is small. I haven’t always made my travel plans based on food options. However, as I age, and with a vegan foodie husband travel partner, it makes more sense to choose destinations with many well-regarded restaurants – at least 5. 

Even if the weather is terrible, the taxi drivers are rude, or the museums or tours are less than stellar, a few great meals can change the feeling we have of a place. Who knows, maybe even warrant a repeat visit. 

I started writing restaurant reviews as a way to support veg businesses and to give myself destinations or goals as I walked around new cities. I book quite a few tours when I travel, but I always like to have some unscheduled time to eat, shop, or even do laundry.

So, visiting restaurants gave me a perfect way to explore a new city with a destination in mind. Some towns, especially islands, don’t have a lot of options, but some places have too many to visit in one trip. Happy Cow or google reviews are great platforms to find what’s out there and which restaurants people like best. However, for my personal favorites, please check my reviews here.

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