Travel Trips and Plans

Travel Plans, life plans, all kinds of plans…

I love to travel and enjoy travel planning. Of course, when I was single, it was easy to do exactly what I wanted, as many tours, flights, and last-minute changes as needed.

My husband is my perfect travel partner as he loves a well-planned trip but doesn’t have as much time to plan. His only stipulation is that there be many vegan dining options on our holidays. However, with the arrival of our son, our trips changed drastically. Every day with our little guy is better, brighter, and more full of love and life than before, but I can’t say travel is easier.

Instead of jamming as many day tours as possible into our holiday or grabbing a coffee and walking all over a new city, we are forever on a time crunch.

Gone are the days of wandering through museums, marveling at outdoor sites, lunch, more marveling, more coffee, purchasing some souvenirs, and then having a nice dinner. Now our trips are sculpted around the tiniest member of our team. We are up earlier than we need to be, and aside from the now mandatory coffee, we plan our days around the emotional and physical status of our child.

What can we see before nap time at noon? Where can we go that is spacious enough if one of us has to walk the baby while the other shovels food in their mouths-super classy. Or, we can collectively sit far enough from other diners, so the yells, shrieks, and cries (mostly from our son) don’t bother other patrons?

Yes, travel with a baby, now toddler is different. We have now been to a few places that I do not know much more about than before I went, except maybe where the closest hospital is located.

But, it’s all part of the adventure of life, and nothing lasts forever. There will be a time soon enough when we will miss the days of traveling with a little guy who insists on bringing a school bus and a truck on all of our excursions. Instead, we might have a sassy elementary schooler who says the darndest things but is old enough to take longer flights – bring on Japan and Thailand!  

If you love to travel and feel grateful to have these experiences in any life season, please use my travel itineraries to create or inspire your next holiday.

I am also available to help with planning, research, or recommendations via email or Skype for an hourly or package charge. Whether you are looking for some last-minute advice for a solo trip or planning a large family reunion or corporate retreat, I can provide insight and resources to make your journey run smoothly.

Long Trips 7-14 days

Italy – Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Florence, Pisa, Venice

Costa Rica – San Jose, Quepos, Manual Antonio National Park

Chile – Santiago, Valparaiso, Vina Del Mar, Easter Island

Greece – Athens and Santorini

Portugal – Lisbon

Canary Islands – Lanzarote

Canary Islands – Fuerteventura

France – Paris

Cuba – Varadero, Havana, Cayo Coco, Trinidad de Cuba and Cienfuegos

Short Trips 2-4 days

Spain -short trip – Seville

Spain – short trip – Bilbao

Spain – short trip – Granada

Spain – short trip – Madrid

Spain – short trip – Vielha

Belgium – short trip – Brussels

Poland – short trip – Warsaw

Ireland – short trip – Dublin

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