Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

The Canary Islands always hold so much wonder and amazement to me. We have traveled to two so far, and can’t wait to visit the next five. Although there are similarities in the commercial areas such as chain stores, restaurants, and services, each island has different landscapes and distinctly different energy.

Whereas Lanzarote boasts black sand beaches, art, and a well-organized tourist industry with plenty to entertain an older more upscale traveler; Fuerteventura is the fun cousin who came to party.

Fuerteventura is made up of white sand beaches, epic kitesurfing conditions, and an entertainment district with bars and restaurants as far as the eye can see. Water parks, outdoor shopping malls, and family resorts with beer on tap and staff to lead poolside games.

The party atmosphere, sand, and sun were definitely giving me Cuba vibes of years gone by when I would have skipped the games but definitely had some cervezas.

On this trip, with a baby, and a more healthy way of life, we were happy to walk around, go to the beach and scope out the vegan eats. We’re not huge shoppers (maybe online), but we definitely like to visit the open-air shopping centers. As much out of curiosity as to pick up some souvenir t-shirts or other baubles.

Near the restaurant and bar area in Corralejo is a wharf with artistic fish sculptures, an event center, and a great view of Lanzarote.

If you visit Fuerteventura and want a little more excitement than merely walking around sampling vegan cuisine and some beach visits; be sure to check out viator or get your guide. There are many great tours including, dune buggy driving, cruises, Lobos island excursions, scuba and snorkeling sessions.

I’m sure there are many ways to experience Fuerteventura, and in the coming years as our son grows up, we will try and get back and take some tours or spend some time in an underwater adventure.

Panaderia Los Abeulos Calle Bajo Amarillo n6 35660

This bakery was wonderful. Full of fresh baked bread and loads of tasty vegan and non vegan baked goods and savory snacks. It’s rare to find a really good vegan croissant, and this bakery did not disappoint. As well, they had a nice selection of empanadas, samosas, and vegan sandwiches. We loved this place and the friendly staff, so we started our days here a few times on our trip.

Baobab by Cantatore the Vegan Calle Jose Segura Torres 14, 35660

When we first came across this restaurant, we thought it might be a fun vegan burger and burrito-type place. However, the food was entirely gourmet, beautifully prepared, and presented. The menu consists of fresh juices and daily delicacies to delight and satisfy the inner foodie critic in all of us.

Land of Freedom restaurante y tapas bar Av. Ntra. Sra del Carmen, 35660

We found this restaurant on one of Corralejo’s main shopping streets. We had heard it had some vegan options but had no idea how good and how many.

The potatoes bravas were served with local mojo verde and mojo rojo sauces, pesto gnocchi, and a variety of salads and other specialties. We were so impressed and grateful for the delicious tapas experience. The staff mentioned that they also had a good variety of vegan desserts, but we were too full- next time.

Delicias y Namaste – Vegan organic restaurant Puerto del Rosario 35600

This restaurant was amazing. Lengthy menu, beautiful food and the portions were huge. We had heard about this restaurant from other vegans and vegan vlogs but seeing and tasting really is believing. Located about a 15-minute drive from Corralejo, it was definitely worth the trip.

Gugudoll on Calle Secundino Alonso 39

This is a beautiful shop that makes beautiful sewn clothing and gifts. Dresses, shirts, blankets, stuffed animals, book covers, children’s teepees, etc. We bought this cutlery travel case for our little guy – so cute!

Indian Tandoori Spices Av. Ntra Sra. del Carmen 64, 35660

This restaurant is located with a cluster of other restaurants right off the main commercial strip. The staff was super friendly and very educated on vegan dietary requirements. The restaurant is large and well-decorated, and the food was excellent. We would definitely go back here again.

Herbolario Pachamama Calle Francisco Navarro Artiles 2, 35660

This shop was great and full of exciting products from all over Spain and internationally. We spent as much time as our little guy would permit and aside from some tasty food, picked up some essential oils – so nice!

Fuerteventura was a wonderful trip filled with some great experiences and great weather- if you don’t mind the wind! We also discovered Gofio which is a tasty flour-like product made from roasted grains. Gofio has been made in the Canary islands for centuries originally being a process that could utilize otherwise unusable grains.

We spent quite a bit of time perusing the aisles in supermarkets analyzing the different brands and types of gofio and of course figuring out how to bring as many bags as possible back in our luggage!

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