Canary Islands – Lanzarote

Lanzarote was the first Canary Island we visited and a very good ambassador for the other islands. We were impressed with it’s strange lunar landscape, black sand beaches, and variety of activities. Although, this island has many affordable accommodations and amenities, it is clear that there is a lot of thought, money and effort that has gone into making this an oasis for the upscale traveler. Fresh wide roads lined with imported palm trees, national parks, official tourist sites, art, architecture, an underwater sculpture installation, and a glossy local magazine make this island well suited for anyone but particularly alluring for an older crowd.

While sitting at a pier side eatery on nearby Fuetreventura island, on another trip, my husband and I looked longingly at Lanzarote from a distance. As we tried to drink a half decent coffee while fellow tourists smoked and even drank alcohol(9am), we realized we were too old, maybe too uptight for the extreme sports/party hard vibe of Fuetreventura.

While Fuetreventura has white sand beaches and a little something for everyone, Lanzarote is a beacon of well designed and maintained experience. Buses that take you through active volvcanoes, flower and cacti gardens, restaurants serving fine local wine. We liked Fuetreventura, but

Lanzarote was home to a famous artist and his imprint is everywhere. Aside

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