La Roca Village, Spain

Easily one of the happiest places to hang out on a Saturday and more importantly Sunday. Like many other European countries, Spain’s shops remain closed on Sundays. But not La Roca Village. A classy, bright outdoor shopping area that caters to locals as much as to tourists.

Located about 40 minutes northeast of Placa Catalunya by car, you can also book a half-day tour (Viator or get your guide), or take public transit.

La Roca is a great place to shop for luxury clothes – Prada, Armani, Balenciaga the list is endless along with sports and leisure brands like Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, Ripcurl, Quicksilver, not to mention cookware, suitcases, jewelry, and accessories.

But for some like myself, living just outside the Barcelona city limits, perhaps the most exciting thing about La Roca is the Starbucks! Although one can find a Starbucks anywhere in Barcelona’s city center, once outside, it’s not possible. There are many charming cafes with delicious coffees but sometimes you just want a Starbucks.

We have visited La Roca many times and have come away with sportswear, shoes, luggage, and Le Creuset cookware. Although I have marveled at the expensive shops, I just don’t have the lifestyle to spend 1,000’s on a dress or bag. But, I love the vibe and the people-watching is top shelf. A mix of tourists and fashionable locals, rambunctious kids, and young people working their first part-time jobs, La Roca is a luxury shopping experience for everyone.

You can easily find some good deals. We have bought GEOX shoes for our little guy at a good price -though still pricey- and discovered some really good deals on workout shirts or shorts. I have picked up some great flip-flops from Roxy and some cozy brightly colored sweatshirts from Quicksilver. We don’t usually go with something in mind it’s always a surprise what we pick up. But the experience alone is good for a day out.

I’ve never really aspired to buy luxury clothes partially because I would have nowhere to wear them but also because I’ve never seen anything that I really liked. Until recently, I discovered a brand called Etro. Lucky for me, they have a shop at La Roca Village!

An Italian designer that makes beautifully designed clothes in the most opulent fabrics and patterns. This brand makes special pieces that may be pricey but are very wearable. It’s undeniably the first brand that has ever made me wish I had an extra €30,000 a year in my clothing budget-lol! One day, I will buy myself one of their beautiful timeless dresses…or two…

Aside from the shopping La Roca has a handful of eateries catering to any diet or meal time, children’s play areas, fountains, and loads of parking. As of this year, they have one of the nicest, indoor parking lots ever. Lights, large plants, wide parking spaces. The parking is almost as enjoyable as the shopping itself!

So, if you’re new to the Barcelona area or visiting and looking to shop somewhere other than Passieg de Gracia, or the unique shops in Gracia, then consider La Roca Village. It’s absolutely worth the drive.

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