Girona, Spain

Memories of days gone by in Girona

Not the most attractive photo but in 2015 I visited Barcelona for the first time. I had booked a two-week European vacation starting in Dublin then Belgium, Barcelona, and then back to Dublin to fly home.

I didn’t think twice about Dublin or Brussels (with day trips to Ghent and Bruge) but I was really worried about Barcelona. I was afraid of the pickpockets and ending up stranded without money or a passport. But, I decided to go and had such a good time I wanted to return one day.

Cathedral de Santa Maria de Girona

I took a day tour to Girona and Figueres. I didn’t know anything about either place but Salvador Dali’s artwork looked intriguing and Girona boasted many old castles and history.

Onyar River

But the first photo above of the Children’s toy shop. Filled with all kinds of toys, puppets, and objects of whimsy. It looked magical to me and I thought how lucky the kids of this area or who visited were to have such an enchanted toy boutique.

Federal Cafe Carrer de la ForΓ§a, 9, Girona, Spain, 17004

Federal Cafe – nice upstairs seating

I had never wanted children and didn’t think I would but thought if I did, a toy store like this is what I would want for them. A life, in a place like this, is what I would want for them.

It made me happy to see a place, a vision in which I would want a family but also a peace with the reality that I was just passing through and was getting older- so it probably wasn’t going to happen.

Bridge over the Onyar River

So you can only imagine my joy, gratitude, and wonder at shopping at this toy store four years later with my little boy and husband. I had forgotten about this store as there are so many others like it all over the Catalonia region. But, then I passed it and went back. My mind flooded with those memories.

La Carpa Carrer Hortes, nΒΊ 11. 17001 Girona
Tel. 972 21 20 02

We bought a few things that day. Some paper puppets to make at home on a cozy day. As well as some little puzzles perfect for keeping my son occupied while we ate lunch at a nearby restaurant.

As much as I love discovering news places there is something so comforting and surreal about returning to far flung places at different stages or phases in life. It’s such a treat to go back to these places where I had some kind of profound realization or moment. And even better that I returned better off than I was before.

Interesting Facts about Girona

Girona is considered a cyclers paradise with many teams training in and around the area. Check out the link above to learn more about the teams who train in Girona, events and facilities for cyclers of all levels.

El Celler de Can Roca a famous restaurant often voted the best is located in Girona. It is quite the experience with a hefty price and the need to book a table up to a year in advance.

Game of thrones was filmed in Girona. I have never watched an episode of Game of thrones but have visited two locations now – Girona and Seville. So, if you are a fan, you might want to book a tour and check out the locations.

Girona is a history or architecture buffs dream destination with many museums and walkways, castles and monasteries dating back to the 12th century. Book a walking tour with a guide and learn all about this medieval masterpiece. As well, check out this link to plan your Girona Museums visits.

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