Figueres, Spain

A Gem in Girona…

I visited Figueres and the Dali Theatre- Museum on my first trip to Spain in 2015. I was amazed by Dali’s work and couldn’t wait to show my husband years later.

So, when my son was just a baby in a bjorn carrier, we made the trip. Now, that my son is five, I wondered if he might delight in the whimsy and eccentricities of Dali’s work. My son is a huge fan of Joan Miro so I knew he would appreciate Dali’s use of vibrant color and scale.

This really was one of the best days we have had in a long time. As a family of three very strong and distinct personalities, sometimes our day trips are marred by bad attitudes, fatigue and rascaly behaviour. But, this day was one for the books.

We booked out entrance tickets for 11:30 am, but due to an accident on the highway, we didn’t arrive until after 12. I’m not sure if the staff of the museum are just very nice or maybe appreciated my husband’s Catalan language skills, but they let us in without issue.

Lincoln in Dalivision

Lincoln in Dalivision is a fascinating piece changing to the face of Lincoln from some angles and the body of a woman from others.

The museum was buzzing with tourists and tour guides but we managed to put a euro into the car and watch the rain fall inside the car.

And of course no trip to the museum is complete without taking in the brilliance of the “Persistence of memory” and the fresco at “Palace of the Wind.”

They are located in the same room though the “Persistence of Time” is roped off in a separate area.

It’s usually the one of the busiest rooms but on this day we had time to take some videos and photos of the fresco and the “Persistence of Time.”

Dali worked in many mediums with many materials from mixed media installations to oil paintings, photographs, ready made, to precious metals and stones in his jewellery, he was a true genius.

He lived a long life and it seems really made the best use of this time. In one of the rooms in the lower area he is buried in a crypt with a headstone displayed prominently in the wall.

It might seem a little maudlin but with such a joyful, whimsical spirit it seems there is nowhere else he could or should be.

Definitely check out the gift shop as it has many souvenirs and treasures of all sizes and prices. I picked out a handful or postcards and bookmarks along with t-shirts with Dali’s signature mustache – one for me and one for my son.

The outside of the museum is just as wonderous with sculptures and installations peppered throughout the courtyard area and on the museum and theatre itself.

Whether you are with a tour group, on a day trip or staying in Figueres for longer, there is plenty to see and do.

Like most charming Spanish villages, Figueres has a main commercial center with beautiful streets, local and chain stores, cafes, restaurants and bars.

 Urban Coffee & Brunch Carrer Joan Maragall, 11, 17600 Figueres, Girona

We found this wonderful eatery Urban Coffee & Brunch just a few blocks away from the museum. Super friendly service with delicious vegan and vegetarian options.

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