All the Splendid Bags on my Holiday Wish List!

I’ve been quietly watching and dreaming of these bags for some time. I’ve thought about why I should own them and how I would use them. These bags are special. The size, detail, shape, and, of course, the materials make these bags stand out pieces in any wardrobe. Functional and chic, innovative and ethical. They are all on my holiday wishlist!

Isotta Vegan Leather Handbag – Oliveย Byย Mio Mojo

The L Vegan Grape Leather Tote Bag – Redย Byย Lerisa

3 Vegan Leather Bags in 1 – Blue & Greyย Byย The Morphbag by GSK

Panthera Mirumยฎ Vegan Leather Tote – Whiteย Byย SENTIENT

Florence Silicone Vegan Leather Bag – Navy Blueย Byย Watson & Wolfe

Tecla Vegan Leather Handbag – Blackย Byย Mio Mojo

Paname Apple Leather Vegan Handbag – Blackย Byย ASHOKA Paris

Bari Womens’ Vegan Leather Bag – Cognacย Byย NOAH – Italian Vegan Shoes

All photos used with permission from Immaculate Vegan.

Disclosure: Purchases made through my Immaculate Vegan links can earn me an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you, the customer. But rest assured, I only feature products I love and/or have purchased myself.

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