April Finds!

Some Fresh Favourite Finds

This warmer weather is making me want to shed my winter ways and bring on Spring/Summer freshness. I recently found these great deodorants from Salt of the Earth company on Amazon.

They have so many great scents but after much deliberation, I opted for Ocean& Coconut and Ginger&Sandalwood. So far, so good. I have tried some other nice brands, but they just didn’t smell good on my body especially after an extensive sweaty gym session.

I think that’s the key with deoderant. It’s not a one size fits all situation. You have to find the brand and scent that’s right for you. I will definitely buy this brand again.

Salt of the Earth

I stopped wearing nail polish for ages when I had a young child but I think my hands look so much nicer with polish. There are some really great vegan brands out there but these two I had never tried before.

I went with some spring, neutral shades but both brands have wide color palettes some with shimmer and some with all out sparkles! I’ll definitely buy again.

They are vegan, non toxic and as I mentioned, they make my nails and hands look so much better. Especially when I’m playing ukulele or holding up cards or books for my students. I’d like to have a nice selection of colors and finishes so I can change my polish to match what I’m wearing…especially on weekend family outings.

I purchased these on Amazon, but I have linked the company sites as well.

Nails Inc. London & 3INA

Nails Inc. Color Pink and 3INA #153 Light Yellow

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