June Jubilation! I’ll be by the sea, strumming on my ukulele!

It’s June! This means the days of fresh, bright dresses, gorgeous straw bags and hats, sandals and strumming away the afternoon on a ukulele are here!

Circus clothing/i love carousel has been my go-to Irish clothing company for a few years now. I have so many dresses, skirts, and sweaters by this wonderful clothing line, but I still need more.

I have my eye on a few dresses for my trip to Empuriabrava this summer, but today I’ll share one of my favourites from seasons past. A delightful sleeveless, raspberry patterned dress. I love it! Cool and crisp on a humid hot day.

Circus clothing and I love Carousel are owned by the same company and regularly have sales and buy-back incentives. If you are finished with a Circus garment, you can send it back for credit towards future purchases -perfect for regular customers.

Toni Pons – Medium wedge vegan espadrilles in Stone colour

I love my Toni Pons! I have three pairs now and plan for more soon. They are a wonderful company from the Girona region that specializes in espadrilles – a Spanish classic, that yes, we actually wear here!

Although most espadrilles are predominantly animal product free, a tag here or a finish there, might not be. Na pasa nada (no problem) Toni Pons has an entire section devoted to vegan options!

Stelar Lembata Handwoven Bamboo Vegan Large Shopper Bag Natural & Blue Stripe – available on Immaculate Vegan

This company makes so many beautiful straw bags of various shapes and sizes. I wanted to showcase this particular bag as you could fit a ukulele!

If you’re looking for the perfect summer beach or shopping bag – Stelar is the brand! They also have some gorgeous purses and smaller bags, but that’s another post.

Photo of Stelar bag with permission by Immaculate Vegan. All other photos by Author.

Disclosure: Purchases made through my Immaculate Vegan link can earn me an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you, the customer. But rest assured, I only feature products I love or have purchased myself.

Oscar Schmidt by Washburn Ukulele Tenor Ukulele

I bought my Oscar Schmidt tenor ukulele in Santiago, Chile in 2016.

I love this ukulele and feel a little guilty as I don’t play it as much as another tenor ukulele I own. But, this ukulele and I have played in a backpackers in Santiago, on the beach in Easter Island, Cuba, Costa Rica and the Seas of the Barcelona region.

I have a lot of amazing life memories with this ukulele. The hours spent practicing, the songs we played. We are besties, lifers, for sure. If you’re in the market for a ukulele, definitely consider this brand.

Straw hat – I bought this at a souvenir shop in Barcelona! nothing says summer like a straw hat!

Are you excited for summer? Have you bought any special garments or accessories for specific vacations? Let me know!

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