The Ultimate Wedding Guest Dress or the perfect frock for a day out?

I’m obsessed with this dress. I bought it on Modcloth, (Lace& Mesh brand) six years ago. I wore it to my husband’s cousin’s wedding and it was by far one of my favourite fashion moments.

The dress had so much structure and a big skirt that dance moves were somehow better, and eating and drinking the night away was not a problem. The dress still looked fantastic!

However, I haven’t worn it since. Partially because I was a mom with a baby and then a young child but also because I didn’t think I could. I guess I thought I had to wait until another special event. No!

This dress needs to be worn. And there is no better place than Spain. With long multi-temperature summers and the weight of this dress’s fabric, paired with a cardigan or blazer, this dress could be worn almost all year! That’s right. You heard meβ€”almost all year. I probably won’t be sporting this dress in the thick of the hot July/August inferno, but any other time of year, yes.

Not only is this dress a dream with strappy heels or sandals, but it looks magnificent in tall fitted boots. I searched high and low for my Pedro Miralles boots last fall, and I have to say they were one of the best purchases I have ever made. So comfortable, totally wearable for long afternoons of shopping and strolling, but also flattering.

Once again, I combed the pages of Immaculate Vegan to look for the perfect heels and mini bag for a night of wedding celebrations or the go-to bag for daily business.

Heels – Vegan Leather High Heel Sandals – Gold by Bloom

Mini Bag – Iris XS Vegan Corn Leather – Rose Gold by Mio Mojo

Florence Silicone Vegan Leather Bag – Navy Blue by Watson & Wolfe

Photos with permission by Immaculate Vegan.

Disclosure: Purchases made through my Immaculate Vegan link can earn me an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you, the customer. But rest assured, I only feature products I love or have purchased myself.

Dress, Cardigan and Boots – Photos by Author.

Salisbury Elastic fabric high boots by Pedro Miralles

Navy Cardigan by Anna Field

Bird and Flower Dress by Lace&Mesh.

Do you have a dress you bought for a wedding or special event that you wear for work or more casual events? Tell me about it!

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