Cozy Christmas! Gift Ideas to stay warm and relaxed this holiday season!

It’s Christmas time! I love this time of year, and thankfully my little guy is just as excited! I definitely brought elements of the traditional North American Christmas with me to Spain. Inspired by my Granny, I didn’t understand how important decorating and making this time of year special was until later in my life.

Now, I look back on all those Christmas decorating nights with deep gratitude. Did we really need the massive tree with decades of decorations? The green garland up and down every banister? The red ribbons tied around staircase poles? The wreaths? The Santas? So many Santas!!

The endless Christmas carols on repeat for some of November and all of December? YES! The answer is a loud, definitive YES! We needed it all because it was the purest expression of excitement and joy and we never know what will happen in life. Where we will end up. If we are lucky enough and able to celebrate, then we need to do it!

So without further ado, here are some gift ideas for a cozy and relaxing holiday season! For those people in your life who really don’t need anything but would love something special – here are some faves!

TwoThirds Barcelona

Add this company to your list of favorite online shops. TwoThirds is a wonderful eco-sustainable fashion brand located in Barcelona.

They have clothes for men, women, and kids in a variety of fabrics such as recycled wool, plastics, and cotton. Great quality, beautiful designs, and a commitment to creating clothing that doesn’t hurt the planet. They also have regular sales and loyal customer discounts, so check them out soon!

Wellen Clothing from Huckberry

Huckberry is an excellent place to buy the best and most innovative products for the man who has everything. On my endless search for Husband gifts that are unique and hopefully vegan, I discovered Huckberry’s Wellen clothing brand. An endless array of super wearable shirts, pants, sweaters, and coats in eco-friendly fabrics.

But, the show stopper for me was the Seawool fisherman sweater and pants. What is Seawool? A mix of recycled plastic bottles and upcycled oyster shells creating a cozy fabric that feels like regular wool. I’m here for this. Anything to save the planet and decrease waste and animal products.

Happy Socks

Happy Socks has played a major part in my happiness since moving to Barcelona. Not only are the socks fun and cozy, but they hire the nicest salespeople.

We often visited Happy Socks to pick up some socks and visit the sock lady! The nicest lady who adored my son and took time to shower him with well-deserved praise for his cuteness.

Happy Socks is a Swedish company with stores and distribution everywhere. Aside from high-quality, exciting socks, they have really great Christmas gift boxes and promotions. Let’s face it, most of us need a lot of socks. Why not have socks that are happy?


So, I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in the Netherlands, but the fashion design for Children and Adults is on fleek! So many amazing fashion brands in the Netherlands, and not enough time to name them all. But, I’m a huge fan of Ba-Ba and their cute and cozy designs. Nothing says holiday cheer like boxes or carefully wrapped pressies filled with luxurious fabrics and flattering designs for our little ones.

We have a favorite shop in Barcelona Olokuti Petits – Gracia that is our first stop for every season to load up on exceptional pieces. Those stand-out garments for special occasions that make our little guy feel top-shelf.

iHerbNaturitas – Any online Natural Cosmetics

There is never a time when organic, natural, beautifully fresh bath gels, hand soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions are not welcome. Any time of year they are a joyful sight but especially under the Christmas tree or in stockings.

If you are stumped on what to get that someone who has everything, consider a selection of eco-friendly bath products or a gift card to your favorite online vendor.


Nothing says living one’s best life like a great selection of books! Thrilling fiction, action, romance, or books like the ones above that help us learn and connect with others. There is nothing better than receiving an interesting book. And of course, a sentimental, hand written note on the inside page makes it a home run at Christmas time.

So that is it! This years’ round-up of cozy favorites. Of course our tree might have some lego, gift cards, or promises of ski classes but so far this is Cozy Christmas 2022.

What is going under your tree this Holiday season? Do you have some favorite brands you want to recommend? Tell me! I’m always on the lookout for great products!

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