End of School Gift Ideas!

It’s that time of year! After months that dragged or flew by, we are once again at the end of a school year. I’m happy to see another summer and to see my son grow and learn so many things – but it’s also bittersweet!

It’s all moving too fast, and I need to savor every moment.

I like to give gifts, so the winter holidays and the end of school are my time to search high and low for something reasonably priced, useful, fun, and, if I’m lucky, truly unique.

Well, folks, I would like to say I’ve outdone myself, or rather these wonderful brands have!

Aribook makes the most delightful book or Ipad sleeves to keep your favorites safe in your beach bag or purse. I found them at a local bookshop, and they come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes.

I couldn’t resist – I bought one for my son’s babysitter and one for his teacher. You can find them on ETSY!

De La Mur This wonderful company from Girona, Spain, makes some gorgeous bags in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns.

Whether you’re after a super large shopping or beach bag, a small tote to carry your gym shoes, a moon-shaped purse to wear out on the town, or a standard bag for daily use – this company has it all.

They also have hats, sunglass holders, makeup bags, or home decor items like fabric plant pot sleeves. I couldn’t resist this cute, colorful fish tote for my son’s teacher. Perfect for days at the beach!

You may wonder why you never thought of this before!

Le Creuset is a French company that makes expensive cookware in a variety of bright colors. So, you may think, this is the last thing I would get a person I don’t know well.

But, they carry many, smaller,very useful,and attractive items that would be a welcome addition to any kitchen.

A spatula, egg cups, pepper mills, they even have a pet collection! I purchased this tiny pot with a lid that I believe is for souffles but also makes a perfect dish for olives, lupines, or other tapas.

As well, who isn’t tired of cleaning up food marks off the counter where they left their spoon or spatula – cue the spatula/spoon coaster above!

Although you can easily spend a lot of money at Le Creuset, they have some charming items for under $20. I love this company. Although I don’t have any affiliate links now – I want some! We have quite a few of their items, and I want more!

Chocolate I’m not sure I will ever make a gift guide or roundup that doesn’t include chocolate. Whether you buy some from a local artisan or a tried and true favorite, Chocolate is always a great gift. I purchased these boxes of chocolate above for my son’s lunch lady, gym teacher, and favourite after school music teacher.

What do you think? Do you have any great gift ideas for people who have positively impacted loved ones’ lives but you don’t actually know them well? Do you have a gift idea that’s sure to delight? Tell me about it!

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