Keep Palm and Carry On!

This was such a fun collage to put together, as I’m obsessed with this dress and couldn’t believe I found lovely orange sandals to go with it!

If you look closely, you can see the orange sunsets on the dress. It’s a beautiful fantasy land by the sea or maybe near a lagoon. I’m a huge fan of Circus Clothing/i love Carousel and buy from this company often.

Circus Palm Print Dress Circus Clothing is known for doing many dress styles in the same fabric. I bought this one with the frilly sleeves, but they also have a sleeveless dress, and a shirt dress – linked here. If the dress style you’re looking for is unavailable, contact them, as they re-stock regularly.

The sunglasses are so much fun, and this dark olive green seems big this summer. I have two bikinis from two companies in dark olive with orange florals or finishes. I’ll show you another day!

I couldn’t resist this bag as the color matches my ukulele, and the blue cork is a nice twist on a summer bag trend. Also, what a fun shape. Just to mix things up a bit. I love all those big chunky straw and cork bags, but sometimes it’s nice to go a little more dainty or bohemian chic.

And this blanket. I must include a beach blanket or fun towel in all my beach looks. I would love to sit on this blanket and play away the afternoon on my Enya Ukulele.

This ukulele has been my go-to Uke for the past two years. I put a low G string on it(instead of a standard high G string), and the sound is rich and magical!

Enya EUT-MAD Blue Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

Dora Vegna Recycled Grain Sandals – Mandarin by Minuit Sur Terre

Lich Bio-acetate Eco-friendly Sunglasses – Forest  by Pala

Damla Organic Cotton Vegan Handwoven Blanket – Multiple Colours by Luks Linen

Beta Handcrafted Cork Vegan Round Shoulder Bag – Navy by Murmali

All photos are by author or with permission from Immaculate Vegan.

Disclosure: Purchases made through my Immaculate Vegan links can earn me an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you, the customer. But rest assured, I only feature products I love or have purchased myself.

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