SUN.DAY London Candles…for any day actually…

I’m obsessed with these candles. This season, I was hoping to find great candle and chocolate makers, and I think I found both! Aside from Tea Towels, Candles and Chocolates really are the best gifts to give when going to parties and events.

Whether you know the host or hostess well or you’re meeting for the first time, you can’t go wrong with beautifully made products that contribute to a person’s well-being. And these candles make the cut.

SUN.DAY London uses coconut and rapeseed wax, cotton wicks, and aromatherapy grade essential oils. And the blends are amazing! I’m always in for anything woodsy with notes of Bergamot, as well as Lavender and Rose. Maybe not all at once, but in some combination!

These candles are available in mini(20-hour burn time) or large sizes(45-50 hour burn time.)
The mini sets would be a great purchase to separate into teacher’s gift bags.

I’m definitely going with a self-care theme this year, so I think I’ll add the mini candles to a bag with lip scrub, balm, and whatever else makes sense…in this case, aromatherapy scents…

Luxury Vegan Candle – CΓ©leste 180mlΒ  by of London

Luxury Vegan Candle – Beyond the Pines 180mlΒ by of London

Luxury Vegan Candle – Midnight (Somewhere) 180mlΒ by of London

Luxury Vegan Candle – Rooftop Garden 180mlΒ by of London

Luxury Mini Vegan Candle – Multiple Scents 60 mlΒ by of London

All photos with permission from Immaculate Vegan, or the author.

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