Le Tricycle

Β  51 Rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris, France

I went to Paris with my husband and spent the majority of the time drinking 10 euro lattes from Starbucks (so expensive!), and walking around the city with the aim of patroning every vegan or veg friendly resto or bakery we could find. This is usaully how we travel and the only reason we don’t gain weight is because of all the walking.

Le Tricycle has a counter area where you order on the street level with a seating area upstairs. The vibe is very youthful and hip with many bright framed travel photos adorning the walls. The food is fresh, fun and full of nutrients. Although there is a good selection of soy based hot dogs, there are also bowls with whole foods like lentils, rice, fresh veggies.

This place is always the first eatery that comes to my mind when I think about Paris. The food, the friendly staff, and atmosphere remind me why I love to eat to travel and travel to eat.

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